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Calibrated Skin

Sisal Soap Pouch (Antibacterial Soap Saver)

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These sisal bags are amazing! Never worry about rinsing/wringing out a wash cloth again! Loofas? Breading ground for bacteria! No place to store your bar soap or tired of it slipping out of your hand? Grab one of these all natural sisal bags and just hang it! They are great for exfoliating and don’t house bacteria!

Made from 100% sisal fiber.

The natural sisal soap bag is good for producing foam and exfoliating when showering and washing hands, it even works for shaving. The soap saver bag is great for exfoliation. The friction creates rich foam on the skin, releases dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation.
Our soap exfoliating bags are easy to use, just place your bar of soap in the pouch, pull the drawstring closed and then wet both the soap and pouch. You can simply hang up the soap bag on the shower wall after use so the soap can dry.